Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh Crap! Realization of the Day ... Target

I don’t often promote businesses in my blog, but with Christmas coming—and life—I really think this is useful advice.

I’ve always loved Target, but after I became a mom, I needed it! I’m not sure why it took me so long to get the Target debit card, but now I have it, and in just 8 months I have saved $93 with their 5% discount. The Target brand formula and diapers—which are significantly less than the name brands—are the reason I am there every couple of weeks. Their kids’ clothes are affordable—they probably won’t last more than one kid, but they do the job for one. They even have some super cute brands like Gwen Stefani’s Mini Harajuku line (which I only buy on sale). LOVE!

I’ve also noticed their toy prices are becoming more competitive. I often pull out my phone to compare prices to Internet pricing at Amazon and other competitive online retailers, and so often I will find the prices are the same. And, if you have the card, you get free shipping when you shop with them online.

If I can avoid their home section, which is where I get into real trouble, Target is a very good place for my family. I swear I do not work there, have family who works there, or own their stock. I just happened to look at my last receipt and saw how much I’ve saved this year, and wanted to share my realization that Target totally rocks! And … it’s NOT Wal-Mart!

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