Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oh Crap! Realization of the Day … Birthday Gifts

We’ve been attending a bunch of kids’ birthday parties this fall, and I’ve learned one thing every parent should know when buying a gift for the birthday kid … ask the kid’s dad what the kid wants. I don’t beat around the bush with the parents, if I know them on at least a casual basis. I figure it’s better to find out what the kid wants instead of bringing something he already has.

I tried asking the mom a couple of times, but moms are too nice, “Whatever you get him will be wonderful, I’m sure.”

Or, this one I love, “He doesn’t need anything. Just bring yourselves to the party. That is gift enough.”

Well, obviously I am not going to do that. I mean, you are providing 2 hours of supervised play and tons of sugar for my kid. The least I can do is bring a simple gift. So, last time, I asked the dad what the kid would want. He gave me a straight answer. No nicey-nice. Just a great idea. Done!

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