Friday, August 9, 2013

Oh, I'm Napping

It starts with a mid-week outing with girlfriends to a local wine bar for a sparkling wine tasting. Okay, what is the next day going to look like for this stay-at-home mom so that she can take a nap in the afternoon? Pool … yes.

The sun and two full hours of pool play should be enough to drain their batteries. We even eat lunch at the pool so I don’t have to clean the kitchen. On the drive home, three sets of eyelids looking heavy in my rear-view mirror. So far, so good. I have set myself up beautifully.

We get home, and I top off the baby’s tummy with another 8 ounces of milk. He’s got his lovey, his fan, and his darkening curtains. He goes down without a peep. The 4-year-olds are weary and don’t fight me when I send them to quiet time. I tell them I will get them after an hour and to stay in their rooms until I come in. No doubt in my mind they will sleep today. Done.

I clear off the three loads of unfolded laundry from the top of my bed. It can wait … again … probably until we wear all of those clothes. My sheets on my unmade bed are cool. The air conditioning is on a comfortable 74 degrees. My pillow is fluffed and ready to welcome my chlorine and sunscreen-soaked head. The ceiling fan is on low. My cell phone is off. Hello, nap. How I have longed for you.

It only took about 20 minutes and some meditation and deep breaths to get rid of the anxiety of what I SHOULD be doing before I settled into sleep deep enough to drag some bodily fluids down the side of my face. Why do I drool when I nap? Does anyone else do this? Only during a nap … not at night. Weird. Anyway, I’m pretty sure I even started to dream, when …

“Mama … Mama … Mama,” like the beeping of the most annoying alarm clock.

“Maybe if I ignore him he will go back to sleep. It’s only been 30 minutes, for God’s sake!” I think.

“Mama … Mama … Mama.” Then, a couple minutes later, “Dada … Dada … Dada.” Then out of utter desperation, “Puh Puh … Puh Puh … Puh Puh (Capri).” Then a couple minutes later, “Wuh buh … Wuh buh … Wuh buh (Weber).”

There’s still a chance, right?

“Guh guh (Gracie, the dog)!”

Damn, you, Murphy’s Law!!!

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Boy's Brain in a Midnight Potty Break

Because I know you all enjoy the humor that is my boy twin ... Last night, he got up to pee and his penis was stuck to his testicles. I said something about it and his face lit up with the expression, "Sweet! I don't have to push my penis down," and went hands-free. I gasp and tell him he better hold on or it's going to break free and shoot him in his own face. He didn't seem to care, just had the biggest grin I've ever seen in the middle of the night. Boys.

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We Feed With Love

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I'm putting myself out there with this picture of me feeding my third-born shortly after his birth.

I experienced difficulty breastfeeding my twins, with frustration of not producing enough for both, difficulty and pain getting one of them to latch properly, and lack of time and help with completing other tasks. I was breastfeeding one, bottle feeding the other, and pumping between feedings in an attempt to increase my supply. But after four weeks, my mother and mother-in-law had to leave and I gave up ... buried in frustration and household chores. I made it five weeks with them until I gave into formula and a better life for my family. I knew it was the right decision for us, but couldn't help feel guilty when I would see a mother of 9-month-old twins breastfeeding with the ease of chewing gum. My twins are healthy kids, rarely sick, and intelligent. I had many opportunities to snuggle them and find intimacy and closeness. I don't regret what I had to do--nor should anyone else who chooses formula.

With my third, it was much easier. I produced enough--even for the little piggy that he was. I enjoyed the intimacy with him. And, I had peace of mind that I was doing the best thing for him that I possibly could. I was also very fortunate to never feel judged for breastfeeding in public. It's quite possible I just never paid attention to it. Or, maybe it's possible people are beginning to accept this act as exactly what it is ... nourishing a child ... period.

There are many reasons why a mother would choose formula over breastfeeding, or have no choice in the matter at all. No matter what mothers choose for themselves and their babies, I think all mothers would agree that everyone should support a breastfeeding mother just as breastfeeding mothers should support a formula-feeding mother. Happy World Feeding Week ... breast milk or formula, we feed with love.

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