Monday, December 10, 2012

Twins and Their Artwork

I asked my 4-year-old twins to make a Christmas card for their teachers. Now, I’m not sure if this is a boy-girl thing or a Weber-Capri thing, but, as you can see, there is a stark contrast between the two cards. Capri drew a picture of the night Jesus was born (on the left). This was the third piece of paper she used because she didn’t think the first two were perfect.

Weber drew a heart in the middle of the paper and said he was done. I said, “Do you want to put a little more effort and thought into it?” About 90 seconds later, he said he was really done (picture on the right). He explained it as “a Christmas heart maker that shoots out hearts onto a birthday cake.”

This is pretty typical for both of them. Capri puts a lot of effort into her artwork and gets weepy if it isn’t just like she wanted it. Weber speeds through the project so he can move onto the next thing. But, to give him credit, he comes up with the most amazing stories about what his scribble is. I’m sure this says something about him … and, I’m not sure if I want the answer.

What do you think? Is this a boy-girl thing … the 4-year-old girl who loves to color rainbows and hearts versus the 4-year-old boy with little to no attention span? Or, are these more personality-based traits?
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