Monday, December 10, 2012

Oh Crap! Realization of the Day … Go the Furb to Sleep!

Furby does NOT have an off switch! Furby does NOT have an off switch! Furby does NOT have an off switch!

I wish someone would have screamed that at me a couple weeks ago when I purchased this popular Christmas toy with, I quote, “a mind of its own.”

We had an early Christmas celebration and this was a toy my daughter wanted. It sings, speaks Furbish and English (in a Valley Girl sort of way), snores, burps, purrs, and is flat out sassy sometimes. It’s actually a pretty cute little toy, except that the only way to shut it up is by putting it in a quiet room for a couple minutes. Then, whatever you do, don’t touch it, because that wakes it up.

My daughter wanted to show it to her teachers this morning. We took it in, then I took it with me to save the teachers’ sanity. I put it in the car seat and shut off the radio. It babbled for a minute, started snoring, and fell asleep. It was harder to get this thing to sleep and keep it asleep than an actual baby. I’d hit a bump in the road, and there we’d go again!

How do you say, “Go the F*** to sleep!” in Furbish? Go the FURB to sleep!

My answer: A Phillips-Head Screwdriver!

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