Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh Crap! Realization of the Day ... Morning Sickness Sucks if You Are Not a Duchess

So, Kate Middleton is pregnant. I'll admit, I'm rather excited. But, she was admitted to the hospital for acute morning sickness and will stay there for a few days. Do I really need to go on?

If you experienced morning sickness, you know that there are days you wish you were in the hospital, pumped with some good drugs, and having someone pat a warm washcloth on your face. But, most of us live in reality—not at Disney World, where my daughter thinks Kate lives.

I had morning sickness with both of my pregnancies—it started around 5 weeks and ended between 12-13 weeks. For me, it was all-day nausea, with a break around 6 pm. I would then eat all of my calories at one sitting (usually pasta with meat sauce). Then about an hour later, the nausea would come back until I went to sleep. Fortunately, I only vomited a few times throughout those 8 weeks, and it was typically after being in a vehicle.

The doctor prescribed anti-nausea medication, but the first one made me so tired that I couldn’t function. She prescribed a second one that worked pretty well and didn’t make me sleepy, but it was expensive and my insurance company would only cover enough for about a third of a month. I found myself rationing it based upon plans I had throughout the month. I tried every remedy you read online and in the “What to Expect” books, but nothing worked. You live with it and think you will never feel good again, then one day you wake up and it’s finally fun to be pregnant … for about 3 more months.

I was lucky I worked at home during my first pregnancy. I could lie on the couch whenever I needed … take a nap here and there … take a shower or bath during the day. I remember thinking, how can women go into a job every day feeling like this? Then … I got pregnant while I had twin 2 ½-year-olds. Again, do I really need to go on?

I’ve known some moms who dealt with nausea and vomiting throughout their whole pregnancy. For me, it was almost enough to not get pregnant again. But, I guess like childbirth, you forget enough of the bad to allow you to do it again.

I really have no advice here, except marry a prince. Happy pregnancy, Duchess!

P.S. I really do hope she feels better soon.

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