Monday, December 31, 2012

2012--The Year of Guilt

Guilt for not taking enough pictures or video

Guilt for having my kids do too much organized activity

Guilt for not having my kids do enough organized activity

Guilt for feeling sad about something that happened to someone else

Guilt for eating too much and exercising too little

Guilt for not playing with my kids enough

Guilt for having a messy house

Guilt for not making dinner for my family every night

Guilt for not being intimate enough with my husband

Guilt for thinking, “Thank God that wasn’t my child” when tragedy struck someone else’s family

2012 was the Year of Guilt.

2013 will be the Year of Confidence … Confidence that I’m doing my best, even when it may not be enough. As every mom knows, the hardest thing to tell yourself (and believe it) is “I’m okay that it isn’t enough … as long as I have loved enough.”

Happy New Year, Crap Lovers! Thank you for being with me my first year. It's been fun.

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