Friday, March 8, 2013

The Crap I AM Telling You About!

Am I the only one who is really sensitive to other kids’ poop smell? I have an amazing sense of smell, which does not treat me well. I don’t hear very well, so as they say, I think my other senses are heightened. I could be upstairs and yell down to my husband to check the baby’s diaper. I’m not kidding. I can smell crap from great distances. So, maybe this is my own problem, but I want to see what others think.

I’m in a public place today, and I take the baby to an area to play. As soon as I walk in, I smell poo, and there’s only one child in there. The mom was in another room. She came in to check on him and asked if he was playing nicely. I said yes, but I think he may have a dirty diaper. So, she goes over and sure enough. Her words, “Whew! Yep!” However, instead of taking him and changing him, she leaves the room and goes back to talking to another mom.

Uh, is someone going to address the giant poopy diaper in the room? Nope, guess not. So, before I start gagging, I take the baby elsewhere. Ten minutes later, this poor kid is still wandering around in his own feces. The whole place now smells. I can’t get away from it no matter where I go. I see the woman has a diaper bag with diapers clearly in the side pocket. So, I can’t figure out why she would allow this to go on.

To me, this is sort of a common decency issue. She knows I smelled it, because I told her about it. Does she think I don’t mind the smell of child poo? Please tell me if I am being overly sensitive here. This is the third time in two weeks this type of scenario has played out. Do I need to be more understanding or forgiving? Are most people indifferent to the smell of kid crap?

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