Saturday, March 9, 2013


My grandfather, known as Cowboy Grandpa to my children, turns 101 today. God bless him. No really, God must have blessed him. This stubborn cowboy still has his wits about him and still walks around a limited care facility and plays cards with a group of women, who are probably an average of 20 years younger than he. Cradle robber!

My twins did some artwork for him for his birthday. I wrote captions on the back so he would know what he is looking at. They are 4. On my daughter’s picture, I wrote, “Cowboy Grandpa on a horse in the desert.” She corrected me and said, “No, it’s just a cowboy, not Cowboy Grandpa. Cowboy Grandpa is too old to be on the horse.”
100 years between Cowboy Grandpa
and his youngest Great Grandchild.

So, I said, maybe it was Cowboy Grandpa when he was younger. She said, “Yea, like maybe when he was 100.”

Yes, this man probably could have ridden a horse at 100. Happy Birthday, Cowboy Grandpa!

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