Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cupid is Welcome Here Any Day

I’ve heard so many married couples say that Valentine’s Day is for couples who are dating. Well, I AM dating my husband, and we DO celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Some married couples claim they don’t need a holiday to express their love for each other, and there is no need for a specific day to do that. Women say their husbands should send them flowers on random days and that Valentine’s Day is too cliché.

But, how often do these couples make that extra effort? I’m sure intentions are good, but life gets in the way with work, tasks around the house, and certainly children. I think Valentine’s Day is MORE important for married couples than for unmarried couples. Unmarried couples—at least those who are still in young relationships—impress each other effortlessly. They still hold hands in the movie theatre. They still surprise each other with little gifts and weekend getaways. They still have sex several times a week. If you are a married couple that still does this, then please share the recipe for your success. I’ll bet part of it is that you celebrate Valentine’s Day.

So, you married folks that poo poo on those of us who celebrate this prefab holiday, think long and hard about where your relationship is. And, maybe—just maybe—it might not be the worst thing to count on that something extra once a year. I’m not talking about extravagant gifts. This is a time where it is truly the thought that counts.

We always go to a nice dinner, spend a little more on a bottle of wine, and sometimes exchange thoughtful gifts. But, my favorite gift every year is the letter. My husband has written me a letter on Valentine’s Day every year since we started dating. Some have been three pages, some have been three sentences, but I have loved them all. I’m not super sappy, and don’t save every ticket stub and wine cork, but these letters I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your lovers. And, sorry, Hubby, if any of your friends read this and learn that your tough exterior is just a cover for the sweet, soft man underneath.

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