Thursday, July 25, 2013

Duchess Parades More Than Her Tiny Prince

I’ll admit that I was anxiously awaiting the news of the birth of England’s tiniest Prince. I wasn’t obsessed, but definitely was one of those who checked the news feeds every few hours. Then, after the birth, I did become a little obsessed with seeing the first pictures.

Though, while the couple and the baby were as beautiful as I would expect, a couple of things disappointed me. First, was the baby’s weight. I know you are thinking, “8 pounds, 6 ounces … that’s a healthy weight.” Yes, but he is a prince. For some reason I wanted to hear something a little more dramatic. Maybe I expected an announcement something like:

“The Prince has arrived at a whopping 14 pounds, 15 ounces, and has already taken his first steps and uttered his first word … ‘Mum.’”

Yea, okay. I guess it’s slightly refreshing that he is as normal as any other newborn … I guess.

What’s also refreshing is seeing how Prince William and Kate are going to be as normal as any other parent. I did see the picture of the baby in the car seat, and yes, it’s a little shocking that they didn’t have the baby secured properly. But, I’m sure after the billions of comments by mothers all over the world, the message has made its way back to them. I sure remember the frustration with those car seats the first time we left the hospital … and we didn’t have thousands of onlookers as we struggled. Apparently the normalcy is also that there is never anyone to help … just the 80-year-old volunteer who can barely push the wheelchair to the curb. Or, in their case, some security detail, who is more concerned with keeping them from being attacked or mauled by paparazzi.

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
But, there is one thing that especially stood out to me, and I’m sorry to say it is not normal … but it should be. There I was, watching the video of the Royal family and their new prince outside the hospital. So much to gawk at, including the fact that this new mom was standing there in heals with her hair beautifully coiffed. But, then, something really jumped out at me. Kate handed the baby to her husband, and there she stood, holding her post-baby belly like she was proud of it. I know I am among many women who has felt self-conscious about her belly—even one day after childbirth. But, beautiful Kate showed women all over the world that the belly we find repulsive on ourselves was something we should be parading. Who knows, maybe it was purely out of habit that she was cradling her tummy. But, I’d like to think that she consciously sent a message to women everywhere that they, too, should be insanely proud of their post-baby bellies. Thank you, Duchess, and congratulations.

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