Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Encourage Other Moms

I saw a mom at pick-up time at preschool today, letting her 18-month-old throw a tantrum outside the front door of the school. She stood ... silent ... but, undoubtedly wanting to cry herself ... while the little guy screamed and hit his fists on the ground. I walked up to her and told her she is a good mom and let them be. I've been there, and I know that it would have been nice to hear those words at that time, because you certainly question yourself. So, next time you see a mom working through a "teaching moment," be sure to tell her she's doing a great job. I know it would make me feel better, and I hope--even if for one second--it made that mom feel better.

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  1. I remember those pre-school days like yesterday. Which is a BIG deal since mine are 19,16&14. Eleven yrs ago I was that mom, sort of. My kid threw the tantrum because he didn't want to go to pre-school. Got so bad that the teacher insisted in meeting w/both me & my husband. I think she was fearful that we were really bad people bcause my 4/5 yr old threatened to blow a hole in the wall so he could escape from school. My point is this: Sure wish another mom had touched me on the shoulder and spoke truth into my heart...that I'm a good mom. I treasure the fact that the asst. director helped me during many drop-offs by pealing my 4 yr old, now 16 yr old, off of my legs. Truth is that I still need to hear those words. Thanks for reminding me of God's faithfulness through this mom & asst. director. It will get me thru this current issue even tho I hear the voices in my head asking, "how in the world will you do this one right?!"

    1. I guess no matter the age of the kids, there will be something new facing us that we have to figure out. The fact that you are trying to figure out the right thing, makes you a great mom. Three teens ... ugh. Guess that will be me in a decade. Good luck!